Our Manifesto

A brief summary of our beliefs and objectives.

Campus Reform

YBHS is dedicated to tackling the institutionalised bias on university campuses against young conservatives.


Censorship is rampant at our universities today; conservatives and libertarians are routinely stripped of their right to express their views freely. We believe students ought to welcome new concepts, challenge them and defend their beliefs rather than shielding themselves from contrary and conflicting opinions.

British Heritage

We believe that the principles and traditional values of our nation must be respected and maintained.


Magna Carta laid the foundation for individual freedom over the absolute power of the despot. With the establishment of the rule of law, it was declared that all men are equal and none shall be subject to the arbitrary decisions of individual officials. These values which define our nation’s heritage and institutions must be upheld.

Political Correctness

Discussion and debate are often restricted on campus due to fears of being labelled ‘offensive’.


The ideologically motivated policing of language on and off campus is used to curb honest and frank discussions under the guise of courtesy and preventing “hate speech”. The looming spectre of PC culture detracts from real arguments and seeks to erase our nation’s history. We believe arbitrary laws on “hate speech” ought to be repealed.

Economic Freedom

We are strong advocates of free-market capitalist principles, low taxation and private property rights.


YBHS is a strong advocate of laissez-faire capitalism and sound economic policies with minimal state intervention. Many of our supporters subscribe to the Austrian School of economic thought which challenges the key tenets of the neoclassical synthesis which constitutes most taught university courses on economics.

Limited Government

Our government is characterised by excessive bureaucratic spending - we will strive for it to be reined in, in order to promote fiscal responsibility.


Excessive taxation and unnecessary red tape have stifled the private sector. Our government is run on the false premise that the state can spend our money more effectively than we can. We will strive for a reduction in government spending and slashing taxes and regulations in order to limit the state’s involvement in our everyday lives.

Civil Liberties

We pledge to value and protect the fundamental freedoms which we are all entitled to.


YBHS seeks to guarantee the fundamental civil liberties of all people regardless of their background. These liberties include, but are not limited to the right to life, liberty and property. Nowadays, the government poses a serious threat to our privacy with efforts to increase unwarranted surveillance and limit the rights of people to speak their minds.

Meet The Team

Danial MirzaFounder & Chairman
Danial Mirza has long been a passionate advocate for freedom of expression, in particular at schools and universities where institutionalised bias has become commonplace. As a student of Economics, Danial was discontented with the very one-dimensional nature of the majority of taught courses on the subject and found this same issue permeates much of the academic community. Mainstream theories are taken as fact and students can be penalised for challenging these.

Danial is a British Muslim, taking a specific interest in the issues of religious fundamentalism and radical Islamic terrorism. Whilst being heavily critical of radical Islam and indeed elements of mainstream Islamic culture, Danial ultimately believes that liberal, democratic and free market principles are reconcilable with moderate Islam.

Jay PatelInterim National Secretary
Jay Patel is an ardent conservative and a strong supporter of libertarian values. Based in Middlesex, Jay is active in local politics but has longed for better representation for his distinct brand of classical liberal conservatism. Having lead and contributed to numerous transatlantic projects with great success, Jay ultimately found a home for his views at YBHS.

Jay has a particular interest in monetary policy and as a Law student recognises the sheer importance of preserving civil liberties and individual freedom. Committed to preventing the attacks on these traditional British values from cultural Marxists on campus, Jay is dedicated to our mission.

Our Advisory Committee

Milo Yiannopoulos
Milo YiannopoulosEditor-in-chief, Breitbart Tech
Allum Bokhari
Allum BokhariCo-Editor, Breitbart Tech
Vít Jedlicka
Vít JedlickaPresident, Free Republic of Liberland